Software Engineer:

Working independently making required technical decisions, managing applications and IT infrastructure.

  • Perform Database Administration- Optimizing existing databases and designing additions, ensuring data integrity, monitoring database performance and efficiency, backup and restoration strategy
  • Work with large datasets, write complex SQL queries, Views, Stored Procedures to perform advanced data analysis and report building
  • Network Administration: Implementing new network solutions/improving efficiency of existing network. Configuring firewalls, routing, switching, DNS and DHCP to ensure network efficiency and security.
  • Conduct requirements analysis, design, development of in-house Logistics software that aids in the key processes and scheduling required for NASCAR race track transportation services (Angular, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL)

            Deployment: DigitalOcean Linux Server using Gunicorn and Nginx 

  • Design, develop a Mobile Application for the road crew to view and keep track of individual work schedules, accommodation, transportation etc. (Angular, Ionic Framework, Django REST, PostgreSQL)
  • Maintain and make necessary modifications to Warehouse Management System and customer-facing portal on LAMP stack (Linux, Apache Server, MySQL, PHP).
  • Performing necessary Linux server administration that includes job scheduling and process automation using CRON, upgrade and installation of patches etc. 
  • Devising backup and restoration strategies, creating and managing buckets on Amazon S3 to store daily database backups automated through backup scripts, s3cmd and CRON.
  • Managing a 3D Machine Vision wheel inspection system by coordinating with the integrator to communicate requirements, identify issues and train operators
  • Coordinating and managing relationship between company and various tech vendors and service providers to facilitate migration, issue resolution.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Technology
  • CCNA training required
  • Strong SQL skills and knowledge of databases
  • Understanding of network design and implementation.
  • Experience in building user-friendly web and mobile applications using latest frameworks and technologies
  • Ability to work across different tech stacks and adapt to new technologies as you go
  • Excellent team player
  • Focused, results-oriented mindset and strong attention to detail and follow-through
  • Be available to travel several times each year


Mail Resume to:

      Champion Tire and Wheel, Inc.

Attn: Kevin Mahl

11106 Treynorth Drive

Cornelius, NC 28031